A&W Adds New Peach Real Fruit Shake

Real Fruit Shakes make their way back to A&W in two seasonal flavors, including new Peach and returning fan-favorite Strawberry. The new Peach Real Fruit Shake features creamy vanilla soft serves mixed with real peach and peach-flavored syrup. The returning Strawberry Real Fruit Shake mixes real strawberries and strawberry syrup with creamy vanilla soft serve. Both shakes are finished with a whipped cream topping and … Continue reading A&W Adds New Peach Real Fruit Shake

Kevin Durant Staying With Brooklyn Nets!

Kevin Durant is staying with the Brooklyn Nets weeks after publicly requesting a trade away from the team. Brooklyn Nets superstar Kevin Durant has rescinded his request to be traded ahead of the upcoming NBA season. Durant and his longtime business manager Rich Kleiman met with Nets management and "decided to move forward with partnership."  The … Continue reading Kevin Durant Staying With Brooklyn Nets!

Arby’s Pours New Market Fresh Lemonades

Arby’s expanded its beverage menu with the debut of new Market Fresh Lemonades. Market Fresh Lemonades debut in the following three varieties: • Market Fresh Classic Lemonade is made by mixing water with pure lemon juice, and cane sugar. • Market Fresh Strawberry Lemonade features the brand’s classic Lemonade with strawberry puree. • Market Fresh Peach Lemonade takes classic Lemonade and adds peach puree.