Vivid Cabaret Girls: Lenny Dykstra Will Knockout Chris “Angry Bagel Guy” Morgan

Chris Morgan, the diminutive Long Island man who went on a viral rant inside a Bagel Boss restaurant, known as the “Angry Bagel Guy,” and former baseball player Lenny “Nails” Dykstra will face off in a Celebrity Boxing match, Sept 28 at the Showboat in Atlantic City (for tickets:

The Vivid Cabaret New York gentlemen’s club, famous for having the city’s tallest stripper pole, is a favorite with pro athletes who like to make it rain on the upscale club’s gorgeous strippers. Some Vivid Cabaret girls gave their opinions on the upcoming bout.

Lenny Dykstra at Vivid Cabaret New York

“Dykstra’s reputation is wild and crazy, and that will help him win by knockout,” proclaimed Vivid Cabaret NYC girl Kristina.

Vivid Cabaret NYC girl Traci reasoned, “Lenny Dykstra was one of the greatest New York Mets ever and was a champion. No matter what people say about his outrageous behavior, he was a great athlete. I think Lenny will have no trouble beating the bagel guy.”

Vivid Cabaret NYC girl Ashley said, “Lenny told me that millions of people wanted to see him pummel the Angry Bagel Guy. The baseball guys who I’ve met here at Vivid have always been nice to me, so I’m picking Lenny to win.”

Dykstra played in the major leagues from 1985-1996. He spent the first five seasons with the Mets and helped the team win the World Series in 1986. Dykstra spent the rest of his career with the Phillies where he was a three-time All-Star and he won the Silver Slugger Award in 1993.

Vivid Cabaret New York (61 West 37 Street) is a high-energy gentlemen’s club located in the Fashion District near Fifth Avenue shopping, numerous leading hotels, and Times Square. The three-story club features over 100 beautiful entertainers, five stages, a Roof Deck Cigar Bar, and Luxury Suites.

Lenny Dykstra with Vivid Cabaret New York Girls
Lenny Dykstra with Vivid Cabaret New York General Manager Charlie Castro

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