Vintage 1930s Subway Train

The MTA is bringing back Holiday Nostalgia Rides on vintage train cars, with the 1930s R1/9 train cars, which will depart from Second Avenue F train station. Here’s what the New York Transit Museum says:

The Holiday Nostalgia Train consists of eight cars from the 1930s that ran along lettered lines through the late-1970s. The vintage Independent Subway System (IND) cars were used by the first subway company operated by the City of New York. Modern for their time, the R1/9s complimented the IND’s Depression-Era Art Deco aesthetic. Featuring rattan seats, paddle ceiling fans, incandescent light bulbs, roll signs, and period advertisements, these are the cars that inspired Billy Strayhorn’s “Take the A Train.” Today, they are preserved as part of the New York Transit Museum’s collection.

NYC Transit president Andy Byford said, “Our annual vintage train rides are a wonderful way to experience the history of the subway firsthand. The R1/9 cars served New Yorkers for five decades and they continue to be a reminder of New York City Transit’s rich heritage.”

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