Malibu Makes a Splash of Fun With New Sparkling Malt Beverage

Malibu is liberating the spirit of summer and bringing it to the palm of your hand with the launch of its latest innovation, Malibu Splash! Enjoy the sweet and refreshing taste of the sparkling ready-to-drink malt beverage with friends and family to kick-off the best summer ever.

Whether it be a backyard BBQ, beach day, or rooftop hangout with friends, Malibu Splash is the perfect way to unleash summer at any occasion. Nowadays, everyone is looking for an effortless yet delicious beverage to pair with their favorite people and fun experiences — and Malibu Splash is making it easier than ever!

“We know consumers want simple and refreshing tasting drinks for casual occasions with friends,” said Troy Gorczyca, Brand Director, Malibu. “And with Malibu being the #1 most talked about rum brand in summer 2019 and seeing the healthy growth over the last few years, Malibu Splash is a great opportunity for us to bring the refreshing taste of summer that consumers love to a new, innovative product that is easy to enjoy!”

Consumers can unleash their sunny spirit with Malibu’s newest sparkling malt beverage that packs great taste in a portable package. Crafted to be sipped straight from the can, Malibu Splash is made-to-chill and ready-to-drink for an instant summer thrill.

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