“Stupid Love” Lady Gaga Video Shot With an iPhone11

Who needs fancy, incredibly expensive cameras to shoot a professional music video that’ll be seen by millions? Not Lady Gaga! Mother Monster’s vividly colored video for her latest single, “Stupid Love” — which has already earned more than 15 million views on YouTube just hours after its release — was filmed on an iPhone 11 Pro.

Gaga tipped followers off to that fact with the hashtag #ShotOniPhone, and also noted on the video’s YouTube page that it was “shot entirely on the iPhone 11 Pro.”

“Obviously shooting on iPhone is new territory, and as a filmmaker, it’s kind of an unexpected thing to do because there’s a pretty standardized way to make music videos, television commercials and films, on bigger, much more expensive cameras,” Daniel Askill, the video’s director, said in a statement shared with Billboard. “It creates a lot of new possibilities and freedoms for us to explore.”

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