Volleyball Player Turned Model Kayla Simmons

Former volleyball player and popular Instagram model Kayla Simmons has revealed she was subjected to severe criticism from college administrators during her sporting career for posting revealing pictures online.
Simmons was born into a sporting family; her father played baseball at the University of Florida and her great-grandfather pitched for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

The athlete also dreamt of a successful sports career, becoming the volleyball team captain at Marshall University and leading her squad to four district titles.

Her sporting achievements didn’t stop her from clashing with college administrators, who asked her to delete her Instagram page due to the nature of the photographs she was posting.

The 25-year-old, who swapped sport for modeling, said the college experience taught her “some valuable lessons” when she was reprimanded for sharing scantily clad pictures.

Kayla was a competitive cheerleader for five years and even won three national championships.
She later discovered a passion for modeling, becoming an Instagram star.

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