Rob Gronkowski Reminds Us He’s Still WWE 24/7 Champ

Before shocking the football world and coming out of retirement to reunite with Tom Brady on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Rob Gronkowski won the WWE 24/7 Championship at Wrestlemania 36 in Orlando, Florida.

Despite being on an NFL roster, Gronk said that he’s still the champ, and realizes that under the rules of the belt, he can be challenged by anybody at any time. During a recent episode of the “Gronk’d Up” podcast with his brother Chris, Gronk discussed how that might work.

“Imagine, like, coming out of the meeting room, I’m like looking to my left in the hallway… looking to the right to make sure no one else is out of the meetings yet, and then all of a sudden, I think I’m in the clear, and I start walking down the hallway… Coach Arians just comes out of nowhere with a flying elbow, takes me out, and pins me and becomes the 24/7 champ.”

“That would be legendary. That would be an honor to lose to him,” Gronkowski said on the podcast.

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