Will Cowboys’ Dak Prescott Be The Second Highest Paid QB in the NFL?

Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys are about to work out a long-term contract extension, and there has been a lot of differing information about how close the two sides are to a deal. While there may still be a disagreement over the length of the contract, it doesn’t sound like Prescott should be dissatisfied with the dollar amount.

ESPN’s Todd Archer was told by sources that the Cowboys’ current offer to Prescott would make him the second-highest paid player in the NFL behind only Russell Wilson. The guaranteed money, however, is on par with the $110 million guaranteed that Jared Goff got in his extension with the Los Angeles Rams. Wilson got $107 million from the Seattle Seahawks.

Wilson’s average annual salary is $35 million, and Ben Roethlisberger is behind him at $34 million. Goff and Aaron Rodgers each make $33.5 million per year on their current deals, so the Cowboys have likely offered Prescott something close to $170 million over five years.

There have been numerous reports that the length of the Cowboys’ offer is the issue. Prescott, who is 26, would prefer to sign a four-year deal, but Dallas is offering five. While Jerry Jones prefers to give out longer contracts, Prescott is likely thinking about hitting free agency again when he’s 30 and the NFL salary cap has risen.

If Prescott and the Cowboys are only squabbling over a long-term extension being four or five years, that is a good sign that a deal will be in place soon.

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