Ben & Jerry’s Team Up With Netflix

Ice cream maker Ben & Jerry’s teamed up with Netflix to churn up a sweet and savory creation, and they named it “Netflix & Chilll’d.”

This yummy new flavor features peanut butter ice cream with pretzel swirls and fudge brownie bits, giving you that perfect mixture of salty and sweet.

Netflix & Chilll’d ice cream is the perfect way to celebrate a night in on the couch, diving into your shows with a pint of this deliciousness at the ready. And they also have a non-dairy version that’s made with almond milk and certified vegan ingredients.

As you can see in the photo, the lid displays the company’s logo and states that you are about to eat “A Netflix Original Flavor.” The front of the pint, meanwhile, features three cows huddled together on a couch, presumably about to watch some Netflix.

You should be able to find the new Ben & Jerry’s flavor at most grocery stores, but you might want to call ahead to make sure that your store has the new flavor in stock beforehand.

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