Giant Krispy Kreme 24/7 Store Is Coming to NYC

Krispy Kreme announced plans to build its first-ever flagship store, featuring the world’s largest “Hot Light,” stadium-style dining in the world’s largest Krispy Kreme “doughnut box,” with fresh donuts available 24/7, at an over-the-top Times Square store, according to a spokesperson. The shiny citadel of crispy fried dough will open at 1601 Broadway (the corner of 48th Street and Broadway) sometime this fall.

The flagship store will also feature Krispy Kreme’s signature conveyor belt donut-making process. You’ll be able to see workers mixing ingredients, follow batches of the fried dough rings as they pas under the glaze waterfall, and interact with digital experiences, too, the company said. The giant retail space will also be home to special Krispy Kreme merchandise. Plus there will be an exterior walk-up window for quick and convenient donut orders.

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