Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary To Star In New CNBC Show, “Money Court”

“Shark Tank” star Kevin “Mr. Wonderful” O’Leary (and his defining black suit) is hosting a new six-part series on CNBC.

“Money Court” features the straight-shooting O’Leary ruling on family financial disputes via Zoom, flanked by veteran trial attorney Katie Phang and Ada Pozo, a former trial attorney, public defender and judge.

“I think it really is a snapshot of life,” O’Leary, 67, said. “Everybody sees themselves in these cases — everybody’s got that uncle, that sister, that brother who borrowed money from them and never paid it back.

“There’s so much talk about marriage being a business, and that’s true…but when you’re supporting a family in a family business it gets more complicated,” he said. “One of the reasons marriages break up — and it’s the same for family businesses — it’s not infidelity, it’s financial pressure. One member of the family outspends the others or goes into bankruptcy or does something financially that puts a tremendous stress on the family and that severs that relationship.”

O’Leary, Pozo and Phang hear three cases on each episode of “Money Court,” listening to both sides of a dispute. They break to discuss the cases, then O’Leary delivers his final verdict. The parties involved must adhere to his ruling.

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