Wrestling’s Bad Boy Joey Janela Impresses the Rick’s Cabaret New York Girls

Joey Janela

He’s known as “The Bad Boy,” but the exotic dancers at Rick’s Cabaret in New York say that wrestling star Joey Janela is actually very nice!

“There was a party following a GCW show at the Hammerstein Ballroom and a ton of fans and wrestlers came by the club and had a great time,’ said Rick’s Cabaret girl Jessica. “It was a lot of fun, and some of the girls were hanging out with Joey. He was way cool and friendly.”

“He may be a bad boy in the ring and around the wrestling biz–and I don’t want to ruin his image–but he is very nice,” said Rick’s Cabaret girl Fiona.

“We respect everyone’s privacy, so I can’t go into details,” said Rick’s Cabaret girl Veronica. “What I can say is that he had a great time and the girls loved him.”

The three-story Rick’s Cabaret New York is well known for its beautiful entertainers, warm hospitality, and award winning Rick’s Steakhouse. Located just one block from Madison Square Garden, it is very popular with Basketball, Hockey, and Wrestling fans who attend the events.

Joey Janela is not the only “bad boy” wrestler who has quite a following at the club. WWE and AEW wrestler Kevin McDonald moonlights as the front doorman at Rick’s Cabaret.

Kevin McDonald

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