NFL Running Back Ricky Williams Launches Cannabis Brand

Ricky Williams is known mostly for two things — his abilities on the football field and love for marijuana. The former NFL star has found a way to market himself using both.

Williams recently launched a cannabis brand called “Highsman.” The brand includes cannabis products, apparel and a line of accessories. There are three different strains of marijuana called Pregame, Halftime and Postgame.

“It is time we change the way we talk about cannabis,” Williams said. “Highsman is about an appreciation for greatness. There is a passionate and dedicated team behind the brand, and together we want to help all people inspire greatness in themselves.”

Williams won the Heisman Trophy at Texas and led the NFL in rushing with 1,853 yards in 2002. He was suspended five times and missed two full seasons during his NFL career due to positive drug tests. The league has since softened its stance on marijuana use.

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