Greg Norman To Be Commissioner Of New Golf League

A bombshell is about to rock the status-quo world of professional golf — more specifically the PGA Tour. A group named LIV Golf Investments is poised to launch a world golf league.

Greg Norman, the 66-year-old golfing icon, has been hired as the CEO of LIV Golf Investments and will be the commissioner of what will be a league headlined by a group of the top-ranked players in the game.

Details of the league’s format and payouts are not yet known. The target date for it to begin is Spring of 2022. Two other potential iterations of a world golf league, the Premier Golf League and the Super Golf League, failed recently to come to fruition.

Norman, at the height of his playing power when he was ranked No. 1 in the world for a record 331 weeks before Tiger Woods came along and broke his record, tried to launch a world golf tour in 1993-94. It never materialized, mostly because the funding was going to be coming from Norman as well as due to aggressive push-back from the PGA Tour.

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