Coca-Cola and Jack Daniels Team Up For Jack & Coke Canned Cocktail

Coca-Cola and spirit and wine giant Brown-Forman are shaking things up with a  new canned, ready-to-drink, pre-mixed version of the iconic Jack and Coke cocktail.

Jack Daniel’s & Coca-Cola RTD will be made with Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey and Coca-Cola. The beverage will be available in markets around the world, with an initial launch planned for Mexico in late 2022 and a US launch in 2023. 

The global benchmark for alcohol beverage volume (ABV) is 5% but will vary depending on the market. A zero-sugar version of the beverage will also be available.

“This relationship brings together two classic American icons to deliver consumers a taste experience they love in a way that is consistent, convenient, and portable,” said a spokesperson.

The partnership with Brown-Forman comes as Coca-Cola has introduced several new flavored alcoholic beverage offerings in recent years.

In 2018, Coca-Cola launched Lemon-Dou, its first entry into the alcoholic beverage market since the 1970s, which is currently available in Japan, China and the Philippines. 

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