New 2022 Seafood Summerfest Menu at Red Lobster

Red Lobster is kicking off summer 2022 with the launch of Seafood Summerfest, featuring a selection of new and classic seafood dishes all served with warm, Cheddar Bay Biscuits.

Joining the Seafood Summerfest lineup for 2022 is new BBQ Bacon Grilled Shrimp, which can be enjoyed as an entree as part of 3 Courses for a suggested price of $18.99, when paired with a soup or salad and individual-sized starter. 

Fans can also enjoy Steak and Lobster, or a grilled trio of seafood with Grilled Lobster, Shrimp and Salmon, and more.

And beat the heat by sipping on a summer-inspired cocktail like the new Summer Sangarita, made with a blend of summer’s most popular cocktails – a sangria and margarita. 

Red Lobster is also featuring new Sea Sun California Chardonnay and new Sea Sun California Pinot Noir, both wines by the family that brought you Caymus Vineyards.

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