Rick’s Cabaret Girls Congratulate College Basketball Champs, Invite to Club

NEW YORK — The sexy strippers at Rick’s Cabaret New York, the upscale gentlemen’s club famous for its abundance of beautiful girls, warm hospitality, and VIP treatment, congratulate the UConn Huskies on becoming the NCAA Basketball Champions. 

Rick’s girl Kendra said, “We want the U Conn players to know that we appreciate their hard fought climb to the top and winning the March Madness tournament. The girls and I officially invite the team and all their loyal fans to Rick’s Cabaret to celebrate with us!” 

“We watched all the basketball games and had amazing after-parties that were so much fun with hot girls taking off their clothes everywhere you looked,” explained Rick’s girl Miranda. “I’m glad Connecticut won–they are practically our home team–just one state away, haha!”

“They deserve a reward,” purred Rick’s girl Deanna. “Come visit us and party and play with all the gorgeous girls. Expect to find the hottest girls, VIP Sky Boxes, and even our own Rick’s Steakhouse.”

Rick’s Cabaret New York

50 West 33rd Street RICK: NASDAQ Listed

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