Fritos Introduces New Flamin’ Hot Bar-B-Q Corn Chips

Fritos turns up the heat on one of the brand’s most popular flavors with the introduction of new Fritos Flamin’ Hot Bar-B-Q corn chips.

The elevated flavor experience features a mashup of the brand’s signature Bar-B-Q flavor and the heat that comes with Frito-Lay’s Flamin’ Hot flavor.

Fritos Bar-B-Q made a comeback last fall when consumer demand and some serious fan love prompted Fritos to permanently add the tangy corn chip to its lineup of snacks. Now, Fritos is calling on all those Bar-B-Q lovers to let loose, embrace their inner edge, and feel the Flamin’ Hot burn with Fritos Flamin’ HOT Bar-B-Q.

You can find Fritos Flamin’ Hot Bar-B-Q corn chips now on the shelves at retailers nationwide in a 9.25-oz bag for a suggested price of $5.69, or a 3.5-oz bag for a suggested price of $2.49.

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