“Shaft” Movie Still Has Style!

He’s been shot at and knifed, but the way to really get on John Shaft’s bad side is to dress like crap.

The legendary private eye personifies street cool with an impressive array of hard-boiled jackets, tightfitting trousers and fly headgear. It’s no exaggeration to say he’s become one of cinema’s most famous fashion plates.

Over the years, designers including Celine and Jason Wu have showcased looks nodding to the “bad motherf - - ker.”

“The way he looked really resonated with the people who watched the film and subsequently analyzed it,” Joe Aulisi, the costume designer for the original 1971 film starring Richard Roundtree.

Now Shaft is back, and with him a semi-truck’s worth of leather duster jackets that only the most baadassss among us could hope to pull off.

Samuel L. Jackson is the titular detective in “Shaft,” teaming with his father (Roundtree) and son (Jessie T. Usher) to tackle a case set in Harlem’s underworld.

This time around, Shaft looks a little different from past installments, in part to differentiate Jackson from his other popular leather-clad character.

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