“Jeopardy!” Champ Tries “World Series of Poker”

James Holzhauer, the Jeopardy! champion who dominated the game show most of 2019, popped back up on television in an unexpected place. He appeared on ESPN’s World Series of Poker broadcast to provide some commentary as the tournament entered its later stages.

Holzhauer earned more than $2 million on the Alex Trebek-hosted show.

Holzhauer himself actually competed in the WSOP himself, as the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports. However, his attempt was far less successful than his run on Jeopardy!

After entering the $1,500 buy-in contest, which is held at the Rio Convention Center in Las Vegas, he did win his first hand. However, he was eliminated six hours later after botching back-to-back hands. He amassed $86,000 in chips, but lost $75,000 of it when his opponent went all-in and ended up winning with three-of-a-kind. The next hand saw him go all-in all-in with a king-jack hand, while his opponent had king-10. A 10 popped up on the board, leading to a Holzhauer loss.

“You know, that’s poker,” Holzhauer said of his 454th place (out of more than 1,800) finish.

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